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"Learn how to engage with the decision-makers in your target market by using social selling technics"

Learn how to use LinkedIn and social selling tools to get in touch with the decision-makers in your target market.

Start relationships to build trust and accelerate sales. 


• Recognize the advantages of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and social selling tools.

• How to use LinkedIn to research and find buyers in your target market.

• Why defining a target market is important to create your client-attracting Linkedin profile.

• The importance of being selective with keywords, images, and messaging to ensure you have a buyer-centric LinkedIn profile.

• Measure the success of your social selling efforts on LinkedIn by using key metrics.

• How to interact with multiple contacts and get more business by using automatic tools.

Ready to SCALE & ROCK your BUSINESS?

• Customized webinar training, including all you need to know to scale your prospecting and sales using social selling techniques

• Create a client-centered profile

• Creating & publishing content on LinkedIn

• Finding your ideal leads

• LinkedIn and social-selling automation tools

• Messaging your ideal leads

• 50+ copy-and-paste scripts, templates & checklists!

★ BONUS training: the best online tools & software to develop your business online

What Is Social Selling?

The art of leveraging social media to find and understand sales prospects as well as connect
with them to help further your business ventures is called social selling. This technique is a
wonderful way to form meaningful relationships with potential partners and customers who
will naturally think of you anytime they are ready to move ahead with their own projects and
need to join forces with someone just like you.

This convenient and effective practice is a beneficial alternative to cold calling, provided you
know how to use the social media tools at your disposal to truly make them work for you.

How Does Social Selling Work?

Social selling has nothing to do with spamming. If you are sending out unsolicited emails,
tweets or private messages to people who have never heard of you in the hopes of turning
them into a customer, you’re doing it wrong!

Social selling is not about gaining new contacts just for the sake of it: it should definitely
favour quality over quantity. The relationships you build should be more profound and – most
of all – more relevant than that. For instance, if you choose to join a conversation where you
could introduce yourself and your service or product, you can’t just butt in and make bold
claims about being able to solve everyone’s problem. This would only result in you being
ignored (at best).

If you wish to adopt social selling as part of your overall sales strategy, we can help you
engage with people online more subtly. We will also boost your business by creating a
compelling social media profile that your prospects will naturally want to engage with.

What Are the Main Benefits of Social Selling?

If you are wondering why social selling has become so prominent over the past few years,
it’s because it simply works. Social media provides us with amazing tools that help us

connect with professionals all over the planet instantaneously. This radically different way of
doing business has transformed the world of sales for good.

Deeper Connections

Human beings naturally enjoy connecting with others. What they don’t like, on the other
hand, is being pushed to do so. This is why cold calling was never a truly effective strategy
for finding new business leads. Instead of this shot in the dark, social selling involves
identifying potential hot leads who are already talking about your product or service, directly
or indirectly, and reaching out to them only when the time is right with information they can
actually use.

This results in their gratitude rather than in their annoyance, which makes them more likely to
not only engage with you but recommend you to their peers as well, thus strengthening your
network. Social selling creates an immediate sense of rapport, which is instrumental to B2B

A Natural Way to Interact

The practice of connecting with various professionals through LinkedIn or other social media
platforms is already so engrained that any other form of business interaction can start to feel
forced. Because everyone is more or less actively engaged in social selling and social buying,
you would miss out on many opportunities by not partaking.

B2B Buyers Are Willing to Engage

Your leads are naturally inclined to connect with thoughtful professionals who know their
respective industries perfectly well and are willing to share their insights freely. Social media
is the best place to do so. We’ll help you identify your unique message so you can share it
with the world. You may be giving away some precious titbits of information but what you
will reap in exchange is invaluable.

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