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WHEN software IP protection becomes a major concern

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Most of the time electronics device manufacturing is outsourced throughout the world. In this context, software IP protection becomes a major concern.

How to make MCU-based devices supply chain and manufacturing more secure by protecting developer software IP, thus avoiding counterfeited parts and overproduction?

TOPS plug&go is adapted for each dedicated project, which means for a given type of programming machine and a given type of MCU, and provides a full range of services:

✅ Secure channel between the software IP owner and the programming facility

✅ Secure storage of the software IP and complete control during remote manufacturing

✅ Secure programming up to the MCU in standalone mode

✅ Secure generation of secret data: unique password, secret keys, certificates

✅ Secure provisioning: keys and certificates injection into the MCU

✅ Secure commissioning of the application server

✅ Signed batch report to control the number of programmed devices

For each project, Trusted Objects experts carry out the solution adaptation and the installation support. The solution is cost-effective, easy to install and easy to operate with a user-friendly interface.

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