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Top 3 headaches with software protection when outsourcing

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Corporations are becoming more global, which means their products are deployed on a broader scale and manufacturing often outsourced. Concerns are rising regarding IP protection in embedded software during the whole life cycle of electronic devices: at the manufacturing stage, off the shelves and during software update.

The protection of software code in embedded systems is now a major issue because the value of assets now resides less and less in the hardware architecture and more and more in software components for which the traditional patent protection approach proves less effective when it is not applicable.

Existing legal protection of intellectual property rights relevant to protect products not always provide enough control to the brand holder and the risks of security breaches is permanent.

✅ Simplified Automatic pairing process

The term "Software & IP Protection", often used in the literature, refers to the protection of OEM software code against security breaches. It is a major concern for managers of companies that design and manufacture embedded equipment. As the risks of security breaches increase, it is not surprising in this context that managing and protecting software and IP is a critical issue for these OEMs as the averag