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The success story of my new brand identity

I am so excited to share with you my website fully improved by a great designer Gael Caratelli!

But first let me tell you how this happened.

When I created my consulting company Full Booth Marketing in 2019, I wanted to help technology companies to have qualified meetings with decision-makers and C-Level in their target market at exhibitions and events. The people around me reacted very well to the business idea when I did a market research.

Even if I know my business, I didn’t have any idea of how to build a website and even less how to create the brand identity. So I tried my best designing a website using WIX, it’s an easy to use tool to build your own website when you are not a web developer. 6 months later, the website was published and looking ok for me at least :-)

Since then I have worked with many customers to develop their business by proposing hot lead generation, networking events, brand ambassador services, etc. Nevertheless, my clients are usually former colleagues, clients or partners, referrals from my current clients, or contacts I made in exhibitions or events.

These people trust me because they know me already. So until now, my website hasn’t helped at all to get real new business for my company.

The good news is that everything is changing, because last winter I got in contact with the amazing, Gael Caratelli. Gael is first of all an amazing person, one of the most creative designers that I know, and a very good friend. So I engaged his services as a freelance art director to redesign my entire website and create a real brand identity for my consulting company.

The importance of a strong brand identity

Gael told me “more and more people are searching for services online every day. You need a solid identity for your web presence. This is the only way to properly represent your company online”. I knew this, but create a brand identity wasn’t something I was able to do by myself.

Building a strong brand identity for my business could be the key to its success. A good branding can help me stand out from my competitors and meet my ideal clients.

Gael and I collaborated to achieve that goal. First, Gael made a new design out of my logo. He chose to keep my original idea of a labyrinth and he totally redesigned it including the two letters ‘’F’’ & ‘’B’’ into the labyrinth, from the name of the company Full Booth Marketing.

Then we had to choose the colors. Gael had no hesitation, the right color to reflect my personality was red. Red is a warm color that inspires action, attention-getting and energy: it was the perfect choice for me.

Finally, Gael came to me with a brilliant idea: a mascot! According to him it could help personify my business, make it more attractive and more importantly trustworthy. We worked together to create a small digital version of me. Gael made multiple versions of it to illustrate my services and my website in general.

So after the identification of the idea and the creative process, I finally got a strong brand identity!

I can’t be grateful enough, Gael results are amazing. Let’s check my improved website here: www.fullbooth