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NAFEMS Americas and Digital Engineering are teaming up to present CAASE Virtual Conference

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Be part of this great event to discover:

✅ Discover Nextflow Software's technology, the company overview and an interesting e-motor use case with Amaury Bannier - Product Manager of Nextflow.

✅ What is the future for #engineering analysis and #simulation?

✅ Where will it lead us in the next decade? ✅ How can designers and engineers realize its full potential? ✅ What are the business, technological, and human enablers that will take past successful developments to new levels in the next ten years

#CAASE20 will bring together the leading visionaries, developers, and practitioners of #CAE related #technologies in an open forum, unlike any other, to share experiences, discuss relevant trends, discover common themes, and explore future issues.

This #conference will cover a wide range of topics, addressing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation during a virtual 2,5-day program

The four key themes of this conference will address: ✅ Design of Physical Systems, Components & Products ✅ Simulation Governance & Democratization

Advancing Manufacturing Processes & Additive

✅ Manufacturing ✅ Business Strategies & Challenges

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