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Casestudy: Machine Intelligence for PUMPS

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Tracking water-pump health for predictive maintenance

Enabling pump’s health monitoring at the pre-production state in order to validate the health estimation behavior during manufacturing tests and provide the basis for predictive maintenance


Organizing remote evaluation of the pumps’ health to optimize pre-production validation

Alerting in case of issues, forecasting due to pump degradation in order to organize on-site visits and check pump before its breakage

Results and Impact

“We use Octonion’s Machine Intelligence to provide a forecast of our pump’s health status. We identified Octonion as a valuable technology that we can leverage to provide direct information on the factory floor.” – Customer Testimonial, September 2020

Key Metrics:

🟢 50% increase in Equipment Uptime

🟢 30% decrease in Maintenance Costs

Interested in knowing more?

Send me an email to lili@fullb.co or visit us at www.octonion.com

Find the LinkedIn post here

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