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AI new adventure

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

After an end of 2020 really hard, I got to ask to leave by my former CEO without much explanation a week before Christmas. I was devastated because it was the first time in my life this happen and only a month after I started, I didn’t even get the chance to do my work. I understood from this experience that a good communication and trust are key factors to succeed. Even in a remote position this should be possible.

As I don’t let me fall so easily, and between my tears I started looking for something else the same day. I contacted my closest friends and LinkedIn network and it worked super well.

So the year 2021 starts well, I am so excited to share with you this great news, two new clients have decided to trust me and engaged my consulting company Full Booth Marketing a few weeks later. I just started to work with this amazing technology companies as their Community Manager and Brand Ambassador.

Let me introduce you to the first one: Octonion who is specialized in AI at the edge and therefore has been able to develop real time machine health products for industrial manufacturers.

AI at the Edge can be extremely simple

In every factory there is always a tradeoff between asset performance and maintenance. I have learned from Octonion that is possible to deal with it.

By forecasting proactively equipment downgrade and failures, Octonion Machine Health products significantly improve preventive maintenance and asset performance management.

Stay tune, more information coming soon !

About Octonion

Founded in 2014, Octonion is a deep-tech software company providing an Industrial Machine Intelligence solution that continuously diagnoses the machine lifecycle at the Edge.

Octonion has invested more than five years to research and development in the embedded AI domain, focused on sensor data analysis optimized for low power microcontrollers. Their team has deep expertise in unsupervised and supervised machine learning, AI model personalization, and industrial equipment behaviour forecasting.

Find the full LinkedIn article here

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