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Customized Networking Events
for C-Level Executives

Ready to meet Decision-Makers in the Fastest-Growing Tech Cities?

We organize tailor events to gather potential clients and partners in amazing destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan. etc.
Rather than having boring meetings, enjoy team-building activities with local decision-makers. 

Spend a memorable time and have fun with new clients, creating trust, and naturally generating new business opportunities.

Choose your Destination and we cover the rest!


What Can We Do For YoU

Choose your destination: Silicon Valley, Paris, New York, London, Dusseldorf...wherever your new clients are!

We will contact the decision-makers on your market, schedule calls, and meetings for you.

Create honest engagement, interaction, connection to build trust.

Have fun and enjoy a profitable journey, your new clients and partners will be excited to know you and start doing business with you.

Choose your Destination NOW!


Ready to Scale & ROCK your Business?

 ★ We ensure your events' ROI

★ Start true relationships with your new contacts

 ★ Get templates and scripts to rock your interactions

 ★ We work with you before, during and after the event

 ★ KPIs to measure our team-building activities successfully


Building rapport and relationships with other professionals, colleagues, potential leads, or
future partners have long been an essential part of doing business. The idea is not only to
promote more pleasant interactions, but to create a network of people who naturally continue
to gravitate around one another with trust and respect. Networking events are an amazing
catalyst as they help participants build true connections amid an environment that is both
enjoyable and full of professional opportunity.


How to Organise a Memorable Networking Event?

Ideally, a good networking event is one that the attendees won’t soon forget, both because
they had a great time and because they gained many new business contacts. Creating an
experience where everyone will thoroughly enjoy themselves and still exchange on topics
surrounding their work takes skill. That’s where we come in!

We can help you determine what type of venue would suit your community depending on
your own goals and strategies. Your networking events should appeal to C-suite executives
and therefore be convenient for them to attend but still make them discover a superb
destination or enjoy activities they have never experienced before.

The right time and the right place are really all about planning. We know how to strike the
perfect balance in several different ways.

Your Purpose

This is very important because it will give potential participants an idea of what you are
aiming to achieve. There is no right answer here, as your objectives may vary greatly from
one industry to another or based on the size of your company. For instance, you might decide
to create a network of entrepreneurs, to promote deeper relationships between members of
your staff or to introduce a new service or product by hosting an event for media

We will use these goals to come up with a tagline for your networking event and describe
what type of professional opportunities attendees may expect.

The Perfect Format

Once you know exactly who to address and what to offer, you can turn your attention to how
you wish to structure the event to tailor it to your audience. Do the participants know each
other? Are you expecting a huge turnout or are you inviting only a select few? From sit down
meals to virtual meetups all the way to full-blown vacations, the possibilities are practically
endless. It is both a good thing – because you get to be original – and a difficult one – because
you need to make the right choice. Our job is to help you pick the perfect idea to give people
this extra incentive to attend.

The Ideal Venue, Time and Date

We will help you pick the perfect venue for your networking events to match both your
guests’ expectations and your budget, or any other constraints. The right place can have
considerable pulling power and signups will go up if you have something exciting to offer.


As for the time and date, they need to be picked according to your main demographic. C-level
executives are busy professionals, but many of them are also parents. We will carry out all
the research for you and make sure to find the most suitable compromise.

Spread the Word

The success of a networking event is all about getting it to garner the right kind of attention.
Whether you are hosting an online or an in-person event, our role is to make sure that the
news reaches the most prominent decision-makers in your industry.
Choose your Destination and we cover everything else!

"Don't try to sell, start building valuable relationships" - Liliana Mellinger