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"We propose brand ambassador services for tech, manufacturers and industrial companies"

By using LinkedIn and social selling tools we will engage the decision-makers in your target market.

So you can build trust and accelerate sales with new qualified contacts. 

Brand ambassador


We love to collaborate with innovative brands to expose your products and services on LinkedIn and social media.

By using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and many others social selling tools we will research and engage with the decision-makers in your target market.


We will be pleased to communicate with our network about your brand, mission, events, and news.

Of course, we will measure the success of our social selling efforts by using key metrics and we will provide you with complet reports.


Ready to SCALE & ROCK your BUSINESS?

• Creating & publishing content on LinkedIn

• Engaging your ideal leads

• LinkedIn and social-selling automation tools

• Messaging your ideal leads

• Engaging with your target market decision-makers


The brand ambassador is, first of all, is an influencer who promotes your brand via her/his network of potential B2B customers. In this case, Liliana Mellinger, Full Booth Marketing CEO will have the role of prescriber of your brand on her LinkedIn network.

The brand ambassador facilitates the business opportunities and sales to the company since she can offer the customers with whom she interacts personalized mobility solutions by bringing the desired product and services.

The brand ambassador has a very good relational sense and likes to communicate. She also has a strong capacity of persuasion and seeks to arouse a real interest in the customer for the range of products she presents. He is therefore responsible for the whole procedure he welcomes, shares information and advice.

In addition, there are other types of ambassadors than the customer brand ambassador such as the brand ambassador recruited on a one-off basis who is paid directly to promote the brand as well as the muse who is recruited to represent the brand over a long period.


What Are the Main Benefits OF

If you are wondering why social selling has become so prominent over the past few years,
it’s because it simply works. So when you have a brand ambassador using his social media for your brand provides he is  connecting with professionals all over the planet instantaneously just for you. This radically different way of doing business has transformed the world of sales for good.

Deeper Connections

Human beings naturally enjoy connecting with others. What they don’t like, on the other
hand, is being pushed to do so. This is why cold calling was never a truly effective strategy
for finding new business leads. Instead of this shot in the dark, social selling involves
identifying potential hot leads who are already talking about your product or service, directly
or indirectly, and reaching out to them only when the time is right with information they can
actually use.

This results in their gratitude rather than in their annoyance, which makes them more likely to
not only engage with you but recommend you to their peers as well, thus strengthening your
network. Social selling creates an immediate sense of rapport, which is instrumental to B2B

A Natural Way to Interact

The practice of connecting with various professionals through LinkedIn or other social media
platforms is already so engrained that any other form of business interaction can start to feel
forced. Because everyone is more or less actively engaged in social selling and social buying,
you would miss out on many opportunities by not partaking.

B2B Buyers Are Willing to Engage

Your leads are naturally inclined to connect with thoughtful professionals who know their
respective industries perfectly well and are willing to share their insights freely. Social media
is the best place to do so. We’ll help you identify your unique message so you can share it
with the world. You may be giving away some precious titbits of information but what you
will reap in exchange is invaluable.

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