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Full Booth Marketing Creation
Bonjour, I am Liliana Mellinger, Full Booth Marketing's founder, and CEO.
The consulting company idea came when I realized that so many booths were mostly empty at trade fairs. I have seen so many times the sales teams sitting at their booth talking to each other, while the people passing by are only coming to get giveaways. That is not really productive considering the huge investment in time and money exhibitions represent.
In the end, these companies do not get business opportunities nor even qualified leads to follow up after the show. I thought, why if I could pre-schedule qualified meetings for all those companies?
So I quit my secure job on the Woman's International Day and I launch Full Booth Marketing a couple of months after.
That is why I start helping tech companies to have a "Booth Full of Opportunities" thanks to pre-schedule meetings with qualified Decision-Makers at their next exhibition, conference, or event.
Services Evolution after COVID
In February 2020 one of the biggest exhibitions of the year, the Mobile World Congress #MWC in Barcelona was canceled due to COVID-19 crisis. All other events were canceled after that. During the 2 months of confinement, I was even closer to my Linkedin network, I had calls and video chat every day, and I t the time to enjoy the silence and meditate at home.
I had enough time to come with new ideas and adapt my services to the new situation we are living in. One day, I was talking with my friend Christopher from Silicon Valley, and he says: 
"Digital Transformation, Business Development, and Lead Generation Services (Online Training or Done for You) is a great idea. For sure, you would find potential clients needing those custom services.
But you should also use your network with tech C-Level executives around the world, you know beautiful places in Europe, the USA, South America, etc. You know the tech market and how to make people comfortable to speak freely about their business and their needs...think about it :-) "
Two weeks after, I came with this great idea, prepare Custom C-Level Fun Meetings for tech clients willing to expand their business in other locations. Instead of having boring meetings with their potential clients. I propose Team Building activities like karting or wine tasting followed by a dinner. So the attendees Build Meaningful Relationships and start creating business opportunities with New Clients and Partners around the world. Chose your Destination and we cover the rest! Let's talk ;-)
A World Citizen Founder
The history of the company is tide with its creator…Liliana Mellinger the founder of Full Booth Marketing Consulting. Originally from Chili, I had the chance to grew up in Brazil until I was 11, so I cannot deny my Brazilian heart. I have also lived and worked in France and Germany. I have the French Nationality and I am very proud of my Latin-American origins. 
After studying Commercial Engineering with a specialization in International Commerce. I finished an MBA in Business Management and Direction at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management - HHL in Germany.
In 2004, I created my first consulting company in Chile. At the time, I was still in the MBA program and I had two other jobs. Regardless, the evenings and weekends were enough time to engage and succeed in three clients' contracts in one year.
Learning while helping my own clients to improve their business was a wonderful experience. Nevertheless, I had a bigger dream to follow, continuing my MBA studies in Germany. 
European Experience

Once in Europe, I enjoyed living in the beautiful city of Leipzig, getting inspired by the German culture, prestigious professors, and multicultural classmates at HHL, along with traveling and working around the old continent.

Just a few weeks after my arrival in Germany, I meet many "Erasmus" exchange IT students from France. I was amazed to discover their culture and traditions. So after my MBA, I moved to the land of Marie Curie, Edith Piaf, Simone Veil, and many others.
During HHL's MBA, I worked as a consultant helping companies in Germany, Spain, and Chile. 

Once installed in Lyon, France I discovered how tough call-centers assistance can be at RAC, an English insurance company. After, I made part of the export department in a French luxury glasses manufacturer ODLM/Seaport.

Then I came back to my first passion, the engineering, and industrial market. I was in charge of the technical sales and the European business development for a German high-quality valves manufacturer, Zwick Armaturen GmbH, and a French pneumatic actuators manufacturer, Petras. It was the most competitive market I've ever worked for, still, I engage and retain clients in France, Spain, Finland, and India.
Later in Nantes - France, I performed as Head of International Business Development and Head of  Partnerships in the technological industry at MicroEJ, a software provider to develop IoT (Internet Of Things) and smart connected devices. I could develop an effective "soft" marketing approach to engage with Top Decision Makers using social media. I succeed in the best business opportunity for MicroEJ a multimillion-dollar contract with their actual biggest client ever, along with other important new clients.

Since my beginnings, I could adapt to very different markets and succeed in all my selling/consulting positions, because of my problem solving natural thinking and flexible acting.
Good relationships are the key!
I actually started selling when I was 15, it was forbidden at my school, but I wanted to have my own money. So with a friend, we prepared and sold chocolates — turned out our teachers and other children were great clients.
Ever since I have been prospecting and selling all kinds of products and services in the B2B market. I am really passionate about proposing value and tailored services to clients, besides building long-term relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues.
I am looking forward to working with you. In the meantime, check my LinkedIn profile.
Thank you for your visit!​
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